[Swift5] How to get an array and the complement of arrays


(Consider the case of executing array1 --array2.)

  1. Combine array1 and array2 and convert to Set
  2. Remove the elements of array2 from the result of 1


let array1 = ["a", "b", "c", "d", "e"]
let array2 = ["a", "c", "e"]

let unionSet = Set(array1 + array2)
let diffArray = Array(unionSet.subtracting(array2))
// ["b", "d"]

You can do the same for your own structures.

struct Food: Hashable {
    //Hashable protocol methods
    static func == (lhs: Food, rhs: Food) -> Bool {
        return (lhs.name == rhs.name) && (lhs.price == rhs.price)
    let name: String
    let price: Int

let food1 = Food(name: "ramen", price: 800)
let food2 = Food(name: "Udon", price: 700)
let food3 = Food(name: "Soba", price: 600)

let myFavoriteFood = [food1, food2, food3]
let yourFavoriteFood = [food1]

let unionSet = Set(myFavoriteFood + yourFavoriteFood)
let diffArray = Array(unionSet.subtracting(yourFavoriteFood))
print(diffArray[0], diffArray[1])
// Food(name: "Udon", price: 700) Food(name: "Soba", price: 600)

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