[JAVA] Spring boot memo writing (1)

What is Spring Boot?

Spring Framework is an open source application framework for the Java platform that allows you to develop a wide range of Java applications, not just web applications.


DI (Dependency Injection) DI has its origins in containers and is still the core feature of this framework. Starting with this DI container, it has many features, is now widely used as a web application framework, and has a thriving community.

Decide the version between modules, you can write the settings that had to be written in XML in Spring Framework as Java code, and the application runs quickly by incorporating a Web application container such as Tomcat.

Is there a vulnerability?

A serious vulnerability exists in Spring Boot

The following versions 1): Spring Boot 1.x
2): Spring Boot 2.x

  • Since there is no official announcement from Pivotal Software, there may be minor versions that are not affected by the above. This time, the version is widely described, including a warning.


Referenced article ↑ (19/4/26)

About starting STS from installation


↑ Is this site easy to understand?

Create a new Spring starter project and even display it in a browser

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