[RAILS] Ruby addition

ruby addition

Value to be entered

Expected output

Input example

Output example

Pattern 1

a = gets.to_i
b = gets.to_i
puts a + b

Pattern 2

a = gets.to_i
b = gets.to_i
num = a + b
puts num

Pattern 3

a = gets
b = gets
puts a + b

Pattern 4

a = gets
b = gets
puts (a + b).to_i

Pattern 5

a = gets.to_s
b = gets.to_s
puts a + b

I haven't done much to say that it's a pattern, but I can't just do "1 + 1". Probably because I am bound by the peculiar rule of pai ○ a, the test does not pass ~, today I spent about 4 hours here and the harvest was 0. Remorse


It's done

s = gets.split(' ').map(&:to_i)
result = s[0] + s[1]
puts result

that's all

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