Docker installation and initialization


Mac OS Mojave

Docker installation

First, create a Docker account Here

Enter the information in Sign Up Today and press the Sign Up button. スクリーンショット 2020-09-12 20.41.20.png


Click Continue with Free at the bottom left

Then an email will be sent to your email address Press the Verify email address button.

Then the following screen will appear b.jpg Press "Download Docker Desktop for Mac".

Alternatively, download dmg to install Docker from here.

スクリーンショット 2020-09-12 20.43.32-2.jpg

Then install according to the installation instructions

When you start the Docker application, a whale icon appears in the upper right. スクリーンショット 2020-09-12 20.47.36.jpg

Enter the following on the command line, and if the version is displayed, you have installed.

docker version

Initial setting

スクリーンショット 2020-09-12 20.57.34.png

Open the Preferences screen with Whale Mark> Preferences.

Sign in with the sign in button on the upper right.

General Turn off Start Docker Desktop when you log in You don't have to start Docker when you log in to your Mac.

Resources CPUs 2 Memory: 2GB Swap 1GB Disk image size 16GB

If you do not reduce the Disk image size, the capacity will be messed up. Other than that, it is appropriate. It looks good to reduce it.

Is it okay to press the Apply & Restart button? A dialog like this will appear, so OK.


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