[RUBY] about the where method (rails)

What is the where method?

A method that can retrieve records that match the conditions in the table in the form of an array.


Model name.where("conditions")

Basic description method

The where method has a symbol specification and a character string specification.

① Symbol designation


Model name.where(Column name:conditions)

#When retrieving all records containing the characters "Taro" from the name column of the users table
User.where(name: "Taro")

① Character string specification


Model name.where("Column name=conditions")

#When retrieving all records containing the characters "Taro" from the name column of the users table
User.where("name = 'Taro'")

Various search methods and complicated specification methods

① How to compare and define conditions


User.where("id > ?", 5)
#You can get all records with id 5 or higher.

(2) AND search method with multiple columns specified


User.where(name: "Taro", age: 25)
#You can get all records with "Taro" in the name column and "25" in the age column.

③ OR search method by specifying multiple columns


User.where(name: "Taro").or(User.where(age: 25))
#You can get all records with name column "Taro" or age column "25".

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