Static code analysis with Checkstyle in Java + Gradle


Checkstyle is run from Gradle, and static code analysis is performed when build and check are run. If the analysis result is NG, the build will be aborted.


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Reason for selection

Easy to install. Google has officially provided a configuration file (XML) for Google Java Style, which is often used in open source these days.

table of contents

  1. Add Checkstyle dependency to build.gradle
  2. checkstyle.xml placement

Add Checkstyle dependency to build.gradle

Add the following.

//checkstyle plugin for static code analysis with checkstyle
apply plugin: 'checkstyle'

//checkstyleMain and checkstyleTest are automatically executed by gradle check
//Since gradle check also works as part of gradle build, checkstyle is also executed when gradle build is executed on CI
def checkstyleVersion = '8.10.1'
checkstyle {
    configFile = file('checkstyle.xml')
    toolVersion = checkstyleVersion
    ignoreFailures = false

checkstyle.xml placement

By default, it is placed in src / main / resources, but since `configFile = file ('checkstyle.xml')` is specified in the above build.gradle, it is placed directly under the root of the repository. .. I referred to some open source deployment methods such as RxJava.

checkstyle.xml contents

The content is based on Google Java Style with some changes.

--Changed various values of Indentation from 2 to 4, 4 to 8 --Checkstyle side has been moved to the default code format in IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse --Changed severity from warning to error --To treat it as an error when building with Gradle and make it fail in automatic build and automatic test ――However, it is unknown how difficult (easy to do) manufacturing will be depending on how much you are dominated by static code analysis (depending on it). --If you have trouble with error, reduce the importance and return to warning

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        "-//Checkstyle//DTD Checkstyle Configuration 1.3//EN"

<!--Changed drawing from Google Java Style
Indentation values from 2 to 4,Change from 4 to 8
Change severity from warning to error

    Checkstyle configuration that checks the Google coding conventions from Google Java Style
    that can be found at

    Checkstyle is very configurable. Be sure to read the documentation at (or in your downloaded distribution).

    To completely disable a check, just comment it out or delete it from the file.

    Authors: Max Vetrenko, Ruslan Diachenko, Roman Ivanov.

<module name="Checker">
    <property name="charset" value="UTF-8"/>

    <property name="severity" value="error"/>

    <property name="fileExtensions" value="java, properties, xml"/>
    <!-- Checks for whitespace                               -->
    <!-- See -->
    <module name="FileTabCharacter">
        <property name="eachLine" value="true"/>

    <module name="TreeWalker">
        <module name="OuterTypeFilename"/>
        <module name="IllegalTokenText">
            <property name="tokens" value="STRING_LITERAL, CHAR_LITERAL"/>
            <property name="format"
            <property name="message"
                      value="Consider using special escape sequence instead of octal value or Unicode escaped value."/>
        <module name="AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters">
            <property name="allowEscapesForControlCharacters" value="true"/>
            <property name="allowByTailComment" value="true"/>
            <property name="allowNonPrintableEscapes" value="true"/>
        <module name="LineLength">
            <property name="max" value="100"/>
            <property name="ignorePattern" value="^package.*|^import.*|a href|href|http://|https://|ftp://"/>
        <module name="AvoidStarImport"/>
        <module name="OneTopLevelClass"/>
        <module name="NoLineWrap"/>
        <module name="EmptyBlock">
            <property name="option" value="TEXT"/>
            <property name="tokens"
        <module name="NeedBraces"/>
        <module name="LeftCurly"/>
        <module name="RightCurly">
            <property name="id" value="RightCurlySame"/>
            <property name="tokens"
        <module name="RightCurly">
            <property name="id" value="RightCurlyAlone"/>
            <property name="option" value="alone"/>
            <property name="tokens"
        <module name="WhitespaceAround">
            <property name="allowEmptyConstructors" value="true"/>
            <property name="allowEmptyMethods" value="true"/>
            <property name="allowEmptyTypes" value="true"/>
            <property name="allowEmptyLoops" value="true"/>
            <message key="ws.notFollowed"
                     value="WhitespaceAround: ''{0}'' is not followed by whitespace. Empty blocks may only be represented as '{}' when not part of a multi-block statement (4.1.3)"/>
            <message key="ws.notPreceded"
                     value="WhitespaceAround: ''{0}'' is not preceded with whitespace."/>
        <module name="OneStatementPerLine"/>
        <module name="MultipleVariableDeclarations"/>
        <module name="ArrayTypeStyle"/>
        <module name="MissingSwitchDefault"/>
        <module name="FallThrough"/>
        <module name="UpperEll"/>
        <module name="ModifierOrder"/>
        <module name="EmptyLineSeparator">
            <property name="allowNoEmptyLineBetweenFields" value="true"/>
        <module name="SeparatorWrap">
            <property name="id" value="SeparatorWrapDot"/>
            <property name="tokens" value="DOT"/>
            <property name="option" value="nl"/>
        <module name="SeparatorWrap">
            <property name="id" value="SeparatorWrapComma"/>
            <property name="tokens" value="COMMA"/>
            <property name="option" value="EOL"/>
        <module name="SeparatorWrap">
            <!-- ELLIPSIS is EOL until -->
            <property name="id" value="SeparatorWrapEllipsis"/>
            <property name="tokens" value="ELLIPSIS"/>
            <property name="option" value="EOL"/>
        <module name="SeparatorWrap">
            <!-- ARRAY_DECLARATOR is EOL until -->
            <property name="id" value="SeparatorWrapArrayDeclarator"/>
            <property name="tokens" value="ARRAY_DECLARATOR"/>
            <property name="option" value="EOL"/>
        <module name="SeparatorWrap">
            <property name="id" value="SeparatorWrapMethodRef"/>
            <property name="tokens" value="METHOD_REF"/>
            <property name="option" value="nl"/>
        <module name="PackageName">
            <property name="format" value="^[a-z]+(\.[a-z][a-z0-9]*)*$"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Package name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="TypeName">
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Type name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="MemberName">
            <property name="format" value="^[a-z][a-z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9]*$"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Member name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="ParameterName">
            <property name="format" value="^[a-z]([a-z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9]*)?$"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Parameter name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="CatchParameterName">
            <property name="format" value="^[a-z]([a-z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9]*)?$"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Catch parameter name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="LocalVariableName">
            <property name="tokens" value="VARIABLE_DEF"/>
            <property name="format" value="^[a-z]([a-z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9]*)?$"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Local variable name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="ClassTypeParameterName">
            <property name="format" value="(^[A-Z][0-9]?)$|([A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*[T]$)"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Class type name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="MethodTypeParameterName">
            <property name="format" value="(^[A-Z][0-9]?)$|([A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*[T]$)"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Method type name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="InterfaceTypeParameterName">
            <property name="format" value="(^[A-Z][0-9]?)$|([A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*[T]$)"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Interface type name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="NoFinalizer"/>
        <module name="GenericWhitespace">
            <message key="ws.followed"
                     value="GenericWhitespace ''{0}'' is followed by whitespace."/>
            <message key="ws.preceded"
                     value="GenericWhitespace ''{0}'' is preceded with whitespace."/>
            <message key="ws.illegalFollow"
                     value="GenericWhitespace ''{0}'' should followed by whitespace."/>
            <message key="ws.notPreceded"
                     value="GenericWhitespace ''{0}'' is not preceded with whitespace."/>
        <module name="Indentation">
            <property name="basicOffset" value="4"/>
            <property name="braceAdjustment" value="0"/>
            <property name="caseIndent" value="4"/>
            <property name="throwsIndent" value="8"/>
            <property name="lineWrappingIndentation" value="8"/>
            <property name="arrayInitIndent" value="4"/>
        <module name="AbbreviationAsWordInName">
            <property name="ignoreFinal" value="false"/>
            <property name="allowedAbbreviationLength" value="1"/>
        <module name="OverloadMethodsDeclarationOrder"/>
        <module name="VariableDeclarationUsageDistance"/>
        <module name="CustomImportOrder">
            <property name="sortImportsInGroupAlphabetically" value="true"/>
            <property name="separateLineBetweenGroups" value="true"/>
            <property name="customImportOrderRules" value="STATIC###THIRD_PARTY_PACKAGE"/>
        <module name="MethodParamPad"/>
        <module name="NoWhitespaceBefore">
            <property name="tokens"
                      value="COMMA, SEMI, POST_INC, POST_DEC, DOT, ELLIPSIS, METHOD_REF"/>
            <property name="allowLineBreaks" value="true"/>
        <module name="ParenPad"/>
        <module name="OperatorWrap">
            <property name="option" value="NL"/>
            <property name="tokens"
                      value="BAND, BOR, BSR, BXOR, DIV, EQUAL, GE, GT, LAND, LE, LITERAL_INSTANCEOF, LOR,
        <module name="AnnotationLocation">
            <property name="id" value="AnnotationLocationMostCases"/>
            <property name="tokens"
                      value="CLASS_DEF, INTERFACE_DEF, ENUM_DEF, METHOD_DEF, CTOR_DEF"/>
        <module name="AnnotationLocation">
            <property name="id" value="AnnotationLocationVariables"/>
            <property name="tokens" value="VARIABLE_DEF"/>
            <property name="allowSamelineMultipleAnnotations" value="true"/>
        <module name="NonEmptyAtclauseDescription"/>
        <module name="JavadocTagContinuationIndentation"/>
        <module name="SummaryJavadoc">
            <property name="forbiddenSummaryFragments"
                      value="^@return the *|^This method returns |^A [{]@code [a-zA-Z0-9]+[}](isa)"/>
        <module name="JavadocParagraph"/>
        <module name="AtclauseOrder">
            <property name="tagOrder" value="@param, @return, @throws, @deprecated"/>
            <property name="target"
        <module name="JavadocMethod">
            <property name="scope" value="public"/>
            <property name="allowMissingParamTags" value="true"/>
            <property name="allowMissingThrowsTags" value="true"/>
            <property name="allowMissingReturnTag" value="true"/>
            <property name="minLineCount" value="2"/>
            <property name="allowedAnnotations" value="Override, Test"/>
            <property name="allowThrowsTagsForSubclasses" value="true"/>
        <module name="MethodName">
            <property name="format" value="^[a-z][a-z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9_]*$"/>
            <message key="name.invalidPattern"
                     value="Method name ''{0}'' must match pattern ''{1}''."/>
        <module name="SingleLineJavadoc">
            <property name="ignoreInlineTags" value="false"/>
        <module name="EmptyCatchBlock">
            <property name="exceptionVariableName" value="expected"/>
        <module name="CommentsIndentation"/>

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