Deploy Java web app to Azure with maven

Information to prepare in advance


Check the following information on the console etc.

appName <-(1) in the figure resourceGroup <-(2) in the figure subscriptionId <-(3) in the figure


Set the build part as follows. Change the region runtime etc. as appropriate according to the server side environment.

	<!-- -->
		<!--************************************************* -->
		<!-- Deploy to Tomcat in App Service Windows -->
		<!--************************************************* -->
				<!-- Specify v2 schema -->
				<!-- App information -->
				<!-- SUBSCRIPTION_ID Unique ID for the subscription that deploys the app-->
				<!-- WEBAPP_NAME -->
				<!-- REGION -->
				<!-- Java Runtime Stack for App Service on Windows -->
					<webContainer>tomcat 9.0</webContainer>


Log in from the console

az login

Execution command

Move to the pom.xml directory and execute the command as shown below. Change the options to your liking.

mvn clean package azure-webapp:deploy -Dmaven.test.skip=true


Quickstart: Create a Java app on Azure App Service - Azure App Service | Microsoft Docs

that's all.

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