[JAVA] How to implement authentication process by specifying user name and password in Spring Boot


In the Spring Boot authentication process, I investigated how to specify a password that I had been wondering for a long time.


We will show you how to implement authentication process with user name and password in Spring Boot and Spring Security.

The prerequisite environment is as follows.

Java 1.7
Spring Boot 1.5.9.RELEASE

[Problem] Password cannot be specified in `ʻUserDetailsService``

If you go to "Spring Boot Authentication Process", you will find many samples using loadUserByUsername of `ʻUserDetailsService`` [^ fqcn-uds]. I have also written. → Use Basic authentication with Spring Boot

However, as shown below, the argument of loadUserByUsername is only `ʻusername``.


UserDetails loadUserByUsername(String username) throws UsernameNotFoundException;

Therefore, it cannot be handled when ** authentication process with user name and password ** is required. For example, in the following cases, loadUserByUsername cannot be used.

--Password hashing is performed on the DB side [^ cript], and it is necessary to include the password in the SQL parameter value. --Authentication is performed in an external library, and it is necessary to pass a user name and password set to the API.

[^ cript]: PostgreSQL crypt function, etc.

[Solution] Use `ʻAbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider``

Use ʻAbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider`` [^ fqcn-audap] instead of ʻUserDetailsService. Specifically, by creating a Bean of `ʻAuthenticationProvider using` ʻAbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider``, ** authentication process using user name and password ** can be easily implemented.

Sample code

Register Authentication Provider with Java Config

public class MyConfigure extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {
  //* Basic authentication is required for all URLs to check the operation.
  protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
    http.httpBasic().realmName("My sample realm"); //Basic authentication settings
    http.authorizeRequests().anyRequest().authenticated(); //Setting requests that require authentication

  // ----------------------------------------
  //Bean definition
  // ----------------------------------------

  public AuthenticationProvider getAuthenticationProvider() {
    //Use your own AuthenticationProvider
    return new MyUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider();

Definition of your own Authentication Provider

//By inheriting AbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider, it is OK to implement only retrieveUser
public class MyUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider extends AbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider {
  private static final String DUMMY_PASSWORD = "DUMMY_PASSWORD"; //* Since it is not used for authentication, any value can be used.(Null and empty string are NG)
  private static final List<GrantedAuthority> AUTH_USER = AuthorityUtils.createAuthorityList("USER"); //* In this sample, all have this authority.

  // <<< N/A >>>
  @Override protected void additionalAuthenticationChecks(UserDetails userDetails, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken authentication) throws AuthenticationException {}

  protected UserDetails retrieveUser(String username, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken authentication) throws AuthenticationException {
    String userId = username;
    String password = (String) authentication.getCredentials();

    //Check user ID and password
    boolean isValid = AuthApi.isValidUserIdAndPassword(userId, password); //* Pseudo code that authenticates with the API of the external library
    if (!isValid) { throw new UsernameNotFoundException(username); }

    //Implementation of UserDetails(User)Is generated and used as the return value
    return new User(username, DUMMY_PASSWORD, AUTH_USER);


As I wrote at the beginning, there are a lot of samples using loadUserByUsername, but for some reason there seemed to be few samples using passwords for authentication processing, so I looked it up and wrote it. If you have any mistakes or improvements, please let us know.

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