[RUBY] (´-`) .. oO (I want to easily find the standard output "Hello".

I'm new to Ruby.

Today I made a rake task that just outputs "Hello World".

# rake hoge:hello 
"Hello World"

I wish I had written a test to make sure that the result contained "Hello" and could find it simply by specifying a string. .. ..



require 'rails_helper'
require 'rake'

RSpec.describe 'Hoge', type: :task do


  describe 'rake hoge:hello' do
    let(:task) { 'hoge:hello' }

    context 'Find the standard output Hello' do

      it 'Hello on standard output#1 Character string as an argument of output matcher' do
        #* Ideal type. However, it fails because it does not match exactly. .. ..
        expect{ @rake[task].invoke() }.to output('Hello').to_stdout

      it 'Hello on standard output#2 Regular expression in the argument of output matcher' do
        #* It works, but regular expression matches are difficult to use. .. ..
        expect{ @rake[task].invoke() }.to output(/Hello/).to_stdout

      it 'Hello on standard output#Partial match with 3 include' do
        #* It works, but the code is long. .. ..
        $stdout = StringIO.new
        output_text = $stdout.string
        $stdout = STDOUT
        expect(output_text).to include 'Hello'


Execution result



... I thought it would be nice if I could specify a character string (# 1), but an error. The only way to achieve the purpose is to use a regular expression (# 2) or assign the standard output to a variable (# 3). .. .. I'm wondering if there is any good way.

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