[JAVA] What is Jackson?

Hello. This is Pompoko.

Today I would like to talk about Jackson.

Then to the main story.

What is Jackson?

Jackson is a JSON library that can be used in Java. You can map JSON-formatted strings directly to Java objects, Conversely, you can convert Java objects to JSON strings.

This is useful when parsing HTTP responses or Base64 encoding objects.

In short, it's really convenient!

Benefits of using Jackson

With Jackson, you can easily handle JSON. When you can use Json, you will be able to do a lot of things and the world will expand greatly. This is because it communicates with WEB services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google using JSON.

In other words, if you know JSON, you will be able to use various functions of WEB services in the world by yourself! !!

I will introduce the goodness of Json in another article!

How to use Jackson

You need to download the library to use Jackson. When using Maven introduced in another article, specify the following as the dependency.

When using with Maven


If you do not use Maven, download the following jar.

jackson-databind-2.9.9-sources.jar jackson-annotations-2.9.0-sources.jar jackson-core-2.9.9-sources.jar

Because you can use Jackson in the above way Please give it a try!

So next time, what is Json? See you at. Then.

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