Summary of points I was worried about when migrating from java to kotlin

Just list the stumbling points when trying to replace the code of an Android application written in Java with kotlin

Development environment IDE : android studio OS : mac

What I misunderstood

--If you use kotlin, nullpo will not occur

1. I got angry when I tried to use HashMap as it is

The following Java code may be used Map seems to be read-only in kotlin Therefore, a mutableMap that can be changed is used instead.

Map map = HashMap<>

It's revealed that I didn't write it as read-only until now.


MutableMap map = HashMap<>

2. Strict null check

It makes me angry every time there is code that seems to contain null So I tried to do a null check just before that code

However, there is an Elvis operator that throws an exception when the value is null. It seems that it was possible to prevent the amount of writing if statements from increasing.


val hoge = func()


func()?.fuga() ?: throw Exception("Akan") 

?. is a safe call It seems to return null if the previous expression was null

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