[RUBY] [Rails] Naming convention

As a principle of Rails, there is ** "Convention over configuration" **. There are conventions for naming conventions (that is, naming conventions) for class names and filenames for models, controllers, and views.

The names related to the controller and view when the controller name is "comments" are as follows.

Controller naming convention

name Example rule
Controller class name CommentsController 〇〇Controller, capital letters at the beginning
Controller file name comments_controller.rb 〇〇_controller.rb
Template directory name app/views/commnents app/views/〇〇

The name when the model name is "comment" is as follows.

Model naming convention

name Example rule
Database table name comments Start with lowercase letters, plural
Model class name Comment Uppercase at the beginning
Model class filename comment.rb 〇〇.rb
* If you want to give the database table name a name consisting of two words, connect the words with an underscore like " shopping_carts ". in this case,

--Controller class name: ShoppingCartsController --Model class name: ShoppingCart

Will be.

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