Create a Windows desktop application in Ruby and distribute an executable file (.exe)!

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As of March 2018, if you want to write a desktop application for Windows in Ruby, create an executable file (.exe) and distribute it, this is the option to adopt!


Ruby-Install GNOME2. The GNOME library for Windows is also installed automatically.

gem install gtk2 -r

Install OCRA, a tool to create Windows executables from Ruby scripts.

gem install ocra -r

Create an executable file from a desktop application written in Ruby / GNOME2 using OCRA.

ocra desctopapplication.rb --no-autoload --add-all-core

The generated executable file desctopapplication.exe was 75MB.

Library comparison to create Windows desktop application (GUI application) with Ruby

name Activity status Support environment merit Demerit
Ruby-GNOME2 Active Windows, Linux, Mac Stable and informative Maintenance only. Function development is GNOME3
Ruby-GNOME3 Active Windows, Linux, Mac Actively under development There is little information, even where there is a lack of functionality
FXRuby Active Windows, Linux, Mac You can write Ruby-like code Does not support Japanese input (display is possible)
Shoes Active JRuby Can be written with simple and Ruby-like code Requires JRuby. Become pure Ruby in the future?
wxRuby No renewal for 7 years Windows, Linux, Mac - -
gem install gtk2 -r -p http://lv2west-proxy.nwdept:8080


Fetching: pkg-config-1.2.9.gem (100%)
Successfully installed pkg-config-1.2.9
Fetching: native-package-installer-1.0.6.gem (100%)
Successfully installed native-package-installer-1.0.6
Fetching: cairo-1.15.11-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed cairo-1.15.11-x86-mingw32
Fetching: glib2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed glib2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Fetching: atk-3.2.1-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed atk-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Fetching: cairo-gobject-3.2.1-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed cairo-gobject-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Fetching: gobject-introspection-3.2.1-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed gobject-introspection-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Fetching: pango-3.2.1-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed pango-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Fetching: gio2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed gio2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Fetching: gdk_pixbuf2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed gdk_pixbuf2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Fetching: gtk2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed gtk2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for pkg-config-1.2.9
Installing ri documentation for pkg-config-1.2.9
Parsing documentation for native-package-installer-1.0.6
Installing ri documentation for native-package-installer-1.0.6
Parsing documentation for cairo-1.15.11-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for cairo-1.15.11-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for glib2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for glib2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for atk-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for atk-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for cairo-gobject-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for cairo-gobject-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for gobject-introspection-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for gobject-introspection-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for pango-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for pango-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for gio2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for gio2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for gdk_pixbuf2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for gdk_pixbuf2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for gtk2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for gtk2-3.2.1-x86-mingw32
Done installing documentation for pkg-config, native-package-installer, cairo, glib2, atk, cairo-gobject, gobject-introspection, pango, gio2, gdk_pixbuf2, gtk2 after 21 seconds
11 gems installed

ocra sample.rb C:\Ruby193\lib\tcltk\ --no-autoload --add-all-core

FXRuby, which should have been the official website, is dead, but I don't care because there are so many activities on github. Substitute with README.

The latest version is 1.6.39, released on December 25, 2017.

Click here for API manual

I can't input Japanese. Unofficial patch needs to be well received. It seems.

Shoes ... for JRuby

FXRuby ... alive The official website is dead and The trunk has been left unattended for 6 years, but the latest version of 1.6 is fairly active, so it's okay. Latest glue === 1.6.39 / 2017-12-26 Fix FXGLVisual.supported and .supported? Add support for RubyInstaller-2.5

Ruby/Tk Ruby-GNOME2 QTRuby ... Recently suspicious Ruby / FLTK ... Development stopped from that time wxRuby ... No updates since 7 years ago

limelight ... No updates since 6 years ago

Use FXRuby


gem install fxruby -r -p http://lv2west-proxy.nwdept:8080


Fetching: fxruby-1.6.39-x86-mingw32.gem (100%)
Successfully installed fxruby-1.6.39-x86-mingw32
Parsing documentation for fxruby-1.6.39-x86-mingw32
Installing ri documentation for fxruby-1.6.39-x86-mingw32
Done installing documentation for fxruby after 38 seconds
1 gem installed


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