[JAVA] IntelliJ Frequently Used Operation Notes

Windows, Eclipse user myself I joined an IntelliJ project on my Mac I checked the minimum necessary only for frequent use, so make a note of it.

I will update what I like from time to time.

What you should do in advance


Editor system

Key Contents
command + f Search in file
command + r In-file replacement
command + d Duplicate the line below
command + delete Delete line
Shift + Enter Add line below
option + ↑ Expand your selection
option + ↓ Narrow the selection
option + command + l Code format

The following is a Mac shortcut, but useful. It seems to be difficult when I return to Windows. .. ..

Key Contents
ctrl + f Move the cursor to the right
ctrl + b Move the cursor to the left
ctrl + p Move the cursor up
ctrl + n Move the cursor down
ctrl + a Move to beginning of line / beginning of paragraph
ctrl + e Move to end of line / end of paragraph
ctrl + k Delete from the character on the right side of the cursor to the end of the line / paragraph

Complementary system

Key Contents
tab Complement
esc Turn off the completion display
ctrl + space Complementary redisplay
option + return It pops up a nice guide
command + shift + return It adds parentheses and semicolons nicely★ Super use ★

Mobile system

Key Contents
ctrl + j JavaDoc pops up
Command at the point of use+ b Jump to definition source
Command at definition source+ b Pop-up display of usage points
command + [ Return to the location before the jump
command + ] Redo the above command
command + u Move to parent class
option + command + b Pop-up display of child classes
command + e Pop-up display of recently opened files
command + F12 Pop-up display of method list
shift twice Search by file name, class name, method name, etc.
command + shift + o Search file name in project
command + shift + f Search for strings in the project
command + shift + r Replace strings in project

Debug test

Key Contents
ctrl + r Run
ctrl + d debug
command + option + r Stop at the next breakpoint
F8 Stop at the next line
F7 Enter the method and stop(As skip setting)
option + shift + F7 Enter the method and stop(Ignore skip setting)
shift + F8 Stop after executing the current method
command + shift + t Test case generation / movement

Convenient functions to use



By the way, if it's a Windows machine

Key Contents
ctrl+c Copy of line
ctrl+x Cut line
ctrl+y Delete row
ctrl+d Duplicate line
ctrl+space Complementary redisplay
ctrl+w Expand your selection
ctrl+shift+w Narrow the selection
ctrl+alt+l Code format
shift+enter Add a line below the cursor line
ctrl+delete Delete from the cursor position to the end of the line
ctrl+backspace Delete from the cursor position to the beginning of the line
ctrl+shift+f Search within the project
ctrl+n class? search for
ctrl+shift+n Search file
alt+left or alt+right Move editor tab
alt+f12 Show / hide console

Plugins I'm putting in now

Plugin name Contents
AWS Toolkit Lambda development
NodeJS Lambda development

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