[RUBY] Cloud9 is out of memory: Rails tutorial memorandum

Cloud9 is out of memory: Rails tutorial memorandum

The following message appears on Cloud9 and the console freezes

This environment is running low on memory (132 MB of virtual memory left). To free up memory, kill processes by choosing "Tools > Process List" in the menu bar. To migrate this environment to one that has more memory, ...


Restart your EC2 instance


Rails Tutorial Chapter 13 In Progress I'm not sure about the trigger, but when I run Test

... Missing helper file helpers/microposts_helper.rb ...

So that an error such as

What to do when AbstractController :: Helpers :: MissingHelperError: Missing helper file occurs in Ruby on Rails --Qiita

Because there was an article saying that bundle update should be done I tried it

The above notification will appear on Cloud9 ...

There is not much information even if I try to google I thought about rebuilding the environment using Docker, which I wanted to try.

After all, restarting the EC2 instance solved both of them.

Reboot Instance --Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Nowadays, Cloud9, an online IDE, Provided by EC2 services that are part of AWS You're running on a virtual server (this is an EC2 instance)

I was delighted that the word instance became familiar to me. It was a learning that broadened my horizons about the big picture of AWS.

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