[RUBY] Try using letter_opener_web for inquiries

I decided to create an inquiry function for the service I am making now. I found out that there is a gem called letter opner, and I thought it would be extremely fun (I got an error on the way, but I solved it), so I decided to use it.

Looking at various articles, I was surprised to find that some of them were omitted on the premise that "this is a matter of course" (I just didn't notice), so I was in trouble, so I wrote down my memorandum as well. I will.


ruby 2.6.6 Rails



group :development do
   gem 'letter_opener_web'

bundle install.

Make it all at once using scaffold.

$ rails g scaffold Contact name:string email:string content:text

rails db:migrate To do. When you access/contacts/new in the local environment スクリーンショット 2020-10-31 12.41.55.png If you have such a simple input screen, it's OK.

Create an Action Mailer.

$ bin/rails g mailer ContactMailer

Implement the send function.


class ContactMailer < ApplicationMailer
    def contact_mail(contact)
        @contact = contact
        mail to: "My email address",subject: "confirmation"

I forgot to draft this article. Maybe something is missing. ..

When you send it from the contact form, スクリーンショット 2020-12-30 12.25.36.png The screen will switch to the screen saying that you have successfully created such an email.

Confirmation of letter_opner transmission http://localhost:3000/letter_opener You can access it with. If such a screen is displayed and there is a notification of the contents of the sent mail, the mailer is working properly. スクリーンショット 2020-12-30 12.28.04.png

I didn't implement it in the production environment after this! I thought, and when I tried to use sendgrid, even if I added the sendgrid add-on, I couldn't access the page. Apparently, it seems that you can only set up after newly registering sendgrid and getting login information. (Confirmed carry-over at the beginning of the year)

Articles that I used as a reference

https://papa-programing.jp/rails-contacts-function/ Rather, this article is kind, and there are many things I overlooked!

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