[JAVA] [MacOS] I was disturbed by ruby when installing Spring Boot CLI


If you want to run a Groovy app using the Spring Boot CLI Being disturbed by "Spring" of "Ruby Gem" Because the command "spring run" of Spring Boot CLI could not be done Make a note of the solution.


  1. Pass the path for Spring Boot CLI

Add the following two lines to .zshrc (Please convert .zshrc to .bashrc according to your environment)

export SPRING_HOME=/Users/Y_h/spring-1.5.6.RELEASE


source ~/.zshrc

```Reflect the change in

 2. Check the operation of Spring Boot CLI

$ spring

 And enter in Terminal ...

usage: spring [--help] [--version] []

Available commands are:

run [options] [--] [args] Run a spring groovy script

test [options] [--] [args] Run a spring groovy script test

grab Download a spring groovy script's dependencies to ./repository

jar [options] Create a self-contained executable jar file from a Spring Groovy script

war [options] Create a self-contained executable war file from a Spring Groovy script

install [options] Install dependencies to the lib/ext directory

uninstall [options] Uninstall dependencies from the lib/ext directory

init [options] [location] Initialize a new project using Spring Initializr (start.spring.io)

shell Start a nested shell

Common options:

-d, --debug Verbose mode Print additional status information for the command you are running

See 'spring help ' for more information on a specific command.

 Is displayed, OK
 Thank you

# Finally
 If you look closely at the installation guide, it's written.
 I'm addicted to ...

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