CORBA seems to be removed in Java SE 11. .. ..

Java SE 11 is still a long way off (although it will be released in September this year: confused :)

According to an article in Java Code Geeks An Early Look at Features Targeted for Java 11 As of February 5, when the article was published, four JEPs (JDK Enhancement Proposal: a long-term roadmap for JDK release projects and related efforts) were covered by Java 11 and one of them. There is a description in JEP320 (Remove the Java EE and CORBA Modules) to remove CORBA modules. I'm using Java SE 8 right now, so I didn't notice it, but it seems that it's already deprecated in Java SE 9: rolling_eyes :.

What is CORBA in the first place?

As mentioned in the previous post How to specify an array for the return value / argument of a method in the CORBA IDL file, roughly speaking, different OSs and It is a specification that allows communication between programming languages .... But it is a fairly old specification, and it was already incorporated in J2SDK 1.2, but now it is used only for maintenance of legacy systems? I think.

Reason for deletion

I tried to summarize JEP320 using google translate (please point out any mistranslation: bow :).

  1. CORBA is being improved outside the Java community, so it's difficult to maintain with the JDK, and it's not practical to synchronize with the [^ 1] version supported by Java EE.
  2. There are few cases of ** modern ** application development using CORBA in Java nowadays, and CORBA, RMI-IIOP, and JavaIDL are already treated as "options" in Java EE 8.

It seems that the benefits of supporting CORBA are not worth the maintenance costs.

How to use CORBA in Java SE 11

Since the source under java.corba is deleted, commands such as ╩╗idlj` can not be used at all in Java SE 11, but since the API of RMI-IIOP remains in Java SE, do you use RMI-IIOP? , I haven't used it, but a library called JacORB has been maintained recently.


In this article, I mainly wrote about CORBA, but as the title of JEP320 shows, Java EE modules are also removed from Java SE. Please refer to some of the artifacts managed by Maven in JEP320 as an alternative.

Other JEPs to be incorporated into Java SE 11

I tried my best to put it together, but I was frustrated because I couldn't keep up with my English: thermometer_face :.


Java SE 11 is LTS (Long Term Support), and I think it will be a version that will be migrated from Java SE 8, so check the specifications that will be added or changed to Java SE 11: wave :. However, at the time of writing this post, the EA for Java SE 10 is still out, so it's likely that a detailed explanation will come out. Also, since I usually develop using a framework that uses Java, I had a hard time reading the mechanism of Java itself: mask :.

Background to this post

The legacy system I'm working on uses CORBA, so I found it when I was collecting information: thinking :.

[^ 1]: Java SE Technologies lists CORBA as Core Components, but Java EE I can't find it in Java. Just WebLogic and JBoss EAP etc. It was written that the Java EE server in Japan supports CORBA.

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