Rails Credentials Note

Since it was used in the field, check it so that it can be verbalized.

What are "Credentials"?

** Confidential information ** that is managed in a specific way regarding the ** production environment ** It also refers to the ** management mechanism **

Features introduced in Rails 5.2

It is difficult to manage confidential information such as API private keys ・ I want to make confidential information available to apps -Developers want to check and change as needed. I also want to share it with other developers ・ There is a risk of leakage if confidential information is stored in the repository.

How to use

The secret information of the production environment is "** config/credentials.yml.enc **" Describe in

This file is always saved in encrypted form

The file works with the dedicated command provided by Rails

When a Rails application is launched in a production environment From the master.key file or the RAILS_MASTER_KEY environment variable Extract key information and internally decrypt and use confidential information

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