[RUBY] [rails devise] How to transition users who are not logged in to the login page

Premise: This time, we will operate with the items controller.

class ItemsController < ApplicationController
  before_action :move_to_signed_in, except: [:index]
  def index
    #Top page generation

  def move_to_signed_in
    unless user_signed_in?
      #Users who are not signed in will see the login page
      redirect_to  '/users/sign_in'

How to use before_action

before_action :move_to_signed_in, except: [:index]

before_action → A method that can perform the specified common processing before the action defined in the controller is executed. except: [: index] → index action is excluded -When other actions are executed except the index action, move_to_signed_in is processed. In other words, when the top page is displayed, the move_to_signed_in process is not executed.

Execution content of move_to_signed_in

def move_to_signed_in
    unless user_signed_in?
      #Users who are not signed in will see the login page
      redirect_to  '/users/sign_in'

user_signed_in? → Determine if the user is logged in unless → "if not" unless user_signed_in? → If the user is not logged in redirect_to'/ users / sign_in' → Transit to login page


If the user tries to perform an action other than the index action (such as create) Determine if you are a logged-in user. If the user is not logged in, the screen will change to the login page (/ users / sign_in). If you can log in, you can perform the action specified by the user.

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