[Basic] How to write a Dockerfile Self-learning ②

What is a Dockerfile

A blueprint for creating a Docker image. Creating from a Dockerfile makes it easier to understand the contents of the container. Create a Dockerfile and create an image with the following command.

$ docker build -t <name> <directory>

How to write a Dockerfile

The Dockerfile basically consists of three instructions ・ FROM ・ RUN ・ CMD

Start writing from FROM.

FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN touch test
CMD ["ls"]

In this example, create an OS image called ubuntu in FROM and use the Linux touch command. In most cases, the OS is specified for FROM, or a Docker image created by another person is specified.

The work specified by RUN is piled up as a layer. However, if you use RUN a lot, the number of layers will increase and the Docker image will become heavier, so be careful.

CMD is described at the end of the Dockerfile. The command specified in CMD is executed when creating a container. Here the ls command is executed.

About the difference between RUN and CMD

In short, RUN creates a layer. CMD does not create a layer. In other words, CMD is not reflected in Docker image.

If you want to save it in Dockerimage, describe it in RUN, and the content you want to execute will be the image described in CMD.

To reduce the number of layers ...

There are three commands to create a layer. ・ RUN ・ COPY ・ ADD

In actual business, RUN is mainly used and the main thing is to manage packages. The command to manage the package is as follows.

RUN apt-get update -Get new package list
RUN apt-get install <package> -<package>Install

By connecting these with &&, the layer can be made lighter in one line.

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install test

This time is over.

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