Comments in Java source

In an environment like Eclipse + GIT Review points out that Java is being developed by a large number of people Waiting for requirements, things that are defective as comments in the code It may be convenient to leave it.

I didn't really care about the comments I used at that time in the past. I've been using it a lot lately, so I'll keep it as a memorandum.

Opinion of comment

How to check the comment part

For Eclipse

    1. Select [Window]-> [View View]-> [Other] from the menu.
  1. On the child screen that appears, select the General folder and then the Tasks view.
    1. Click [▽] in the task view and select [Content Structure].
  2. Create a configuration with the content of the comment you want to check At this time, if you set [Scope], you can narrow down to a specific project. (Useful if you are working on many projects)

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