I tried to operate SQS using AWS Java SDK

I haven't seen the SQS client API personally, so I took this opportunity to implement it. As the processing contents, the basic operations of SQS, such as issuing a queue / dead letter queue, deleting a queue, and sending / receiving a message, have been implemented. We hope for your reference.

package com.amazonaws.samples;

import java.util.TimerTask;
import java.util.Timer;
import com.amazonaws.auth.AWSStaticCredentialsProvider;
import com.amazonaws.auth.BasicSessionCredentials;
import com.amazonaws.services.securitytoken.AWSSecurityTokenServiceClient;
import com.amazonaws.services.securitytoken.model.Credentials;
import com.amazonaws.services.securitytoken.model.GetSessionTokenRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.securitytoken.model.GetSessionTokenResult;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.AmazonSQS;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.AmazonSQSClientBuilder;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.AmazonSQSException;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.createQueueRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.createQueueResult;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.deleteMessageRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.GetQueueAttributesRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.GetQueueAttributesResult;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.GetQueueUrlRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.GetQueueUrlResult;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.ListQueuesRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.ListQueuesResult;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.Message;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.PurgeQueueRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.ReceiveMessageRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.ReceiveMessageResult;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.sendMessageRequest;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.sendMessageResult;
import com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.SetQueueAttributesRequest;

public class SQSLambdaSample {
	AWSSecurityTokenServiceClient sts_client;
	GetSessionTokenRequest session_token_request;
	GetSessionTokenResult session_token_result;
	Credentials session_creds;
	BasicSessionCredentials sessionCredentials;
	final AmazonSQS sqs;

	public SQSLambdaSample() {
		sts_client = new AWSSecurityTokenServiceClient();
		session_token_request = new GetSessionTokenRequest();
		session_token_result = sts_client.getSessionToken(session_token_request);
		session_creds = session_token_result.getCredentials();
		sessionCredentials = new BasicSessionCredentials(

		sqs = AmazonSQSClientBuilder.standard()
	        	.withCredentials(new AWSStaticCredentialsProvider(sessionCredentials))

	public static void main (String[] args) {
		SQSLambdaSample sls = new SQSLambdaSample();
		String srcQueue = "sample";
		String deadletterQueue = "sample_dead";
		String queueURL = sls.getQueueURL(srcQueue);
		String deadletterQueueUrl = sls.getQueueURL(deadletterQueue);
		String deadLetterQueueARN = sls.getQueueAttributes(deadletterQueueUrl);
		sls.setQueueAttribute(queueURL, deadLetterQueueARN);

    IntStream.range(1, 11)
      .forEach(i -> sls.sendMessage(queueURL, "SQS Message" + i + "!!"));
		Timer timer = new Timer();
        	TimerTask task = new TimerTask() {
            	int count = 0;
            	public void run() {
                	boolean existDeleteFlg = sls.rcvMessage(queueURL);
			if (existDeleteFlg == false) {
		public void createQueue(String QueueName) {
			ListQueuesRequest list_req = new ListQueuesRequest();
			ListQueuesResult list_res = this.sqs.listQueues(list_req);
			String strName = list_res.toString();
			if (!(strName.contains(QueueName))) {
				try {
					createQueueRequest request = new createQueueRequest(QueueName);
					createQueueResult result = this.sqs.createQueue(request);
					System.out.println(QueueName + " has been created.");
				} catch (AmazonSQSException e) {
				} else {
					System.out.println(QueueName + " already exist, skipped create queue.");

		public String getQueueURL(String QueueName) {
			GetQueueUrlRequest request = new GetQueueUrlRequest()

			try {
				GetQueueUrlResult result = this.sqs.getQueueUrl(request);
				String[] urlScheme = result.toString().split("QueueUrl: ");
				String queueURL = urlScheme[1].replace("}", "");
				return queueURL;

			} catch (Exception e) {
				return e.getMessage();

		public void sendMessage(String QueueURL, String BodyMessage) {
			sendMessageRequest request = new sendMessageRequest()
			try {
				sendMessageResult result = this.sqs.sendMessage(request);
				System.out.println("Message:" + BodyMessage + "has been sent.");
			} catch (Exception e) {
		public String purgeQueue(String queueURl) {
			PurgeQueueRequest request = new PurgeQueueRequest()
			try {
			String representation = this.sqs.purgeQueue(request).toString();
			System.out.println("Purged all messages.");
			return representation;
			} catch (Exception e) {
				return e.getMessage();
		public String getQueueAttributes(String deadLetterQueueUrl) {
			GetQueueAttributesResult deadLetterQueueAttributes = this.sqs.getQueueAttributes(
					  new GetQueueAttributesRequest(deadLetterQueueUrl)

					String deadLetterQueueARN = deadLetterQueueAttributes.getAttributes()
					return deadLetterQueueARN;
		public void setQueueAttribute(String queueURL, String deadLetterQueueARN) {
			SetQueueAttributesRequest queueAttributesRequest = new SetQueueAttributesRequest()
					    "{\"maxReceiveCount\":\"10\", "
					      + "\"deadLetterTargetArn\":\"" + deadLetterQueueARN + "\"}");

			try {
				System.out.print("Set dead letter queue.");
			} catch (Exception e){
		public boolean rcvMessage(String queueURL) {
			ReceiveMessageRequest request = new ReceiveMessageRequest()
			ReceiveMessageResult result = this.sqs.receiveMessage(request);
			String[] cutMsg = result.toString().split("Messages: ");
			String msgList = cutMsg[1].replace("}", "");
			if (!(msgList.equals("[]"))) {
			for (Message message : result.getMessages()) {
				try {
					this.deleteMessage(queueURL, message.getReceiptHandle());
					System.out.println(message.getMessageId() + " has been deleted.\n" + message.getBody());		
				} catch (Exception e) {
				return true;
			} else {
				System.out.println("There is no message which has completed.");
				return false;
		public String deleteMessage(String queueURL, String receiptHandle) {
			deleteMessageRequest request = new deleteMessageRequest()
			try {
				String deleteStr = this.sqs.deleteMessage(request).toString();
				return deleteStr;
			} catch (Exception e) {
				return e.getMessage();

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