Build a NAS with DLNA function at the speed of a second with Raspberry Pi and Docker Compose

What i did

I set up a NAS on the LAN using Raspberry Pi 3 and a USB HDD.

I used to do the same thing without using Docker, but as I was playing with adding and removing various functions to the Raspberry Pi, I began to worry that the environment became dirty. So I decided to rebuild the environment from scratch with the upgrade to Raspbian Buster and manage it with Docker Compose.



Launch service

  1. Use the following docker-compose to docker-compose up -d
  2. Make sure you can access \\ [Raspberry Pi name] \ share from the network
  3. Insert the video file you want to play with DLNA into \\ [Raspberry Pi name] \ share \ media
  4. End


version: '3.4'

    image: cytomich/rpi-docker-minidlna
    container_name: minidlna
      - /mnt/hdd1/media:/media:z
      - MINIDLNA_MEDIA_DIR=/media
      - MINIDLNA_PORT=8200
    network_mode: "host"
    restart: always
    image: dperson/samba
    container_name: samba
      - default
      - "137:137/udp"
      - "138:138/udp"
      - "139:139/tcp"
      - "445:445/tcp"
    read_only: true
      - /tmp
    restart: always
    stdin_open: true
    tty: true
      - /mnt/hdd1:/mnt/share:z
    command: '-s share;/mnt/share;yes;no;yes'


Performance is good. As for the DLNA function, I could play it without any problem if it was about MP4 of several hundred kbps. Since it is a Raspberry Pi, overconfidence is prohibited, but it seems that there is a little more room.

Customize docker-compose.yml to create your own strongest home server!


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