[Rails] require method and permit method

Since we learned about the require method and permit method, we will output it.

Read this article to understand the meaning and usage of the require and permit methods.

What is the require method?

One of the strong parameter methods, which specifies the object name of the data fetched from params.

Usage example

def user_params

This specifies the data for an object called a user.

What is the permit method?

One of the strong parameters, which specifies the key of the data fetched from params.

Usage example

params_permit(:name, :text, :image)

So the difference between the two is whether you specify a key or an object.

Therefore, the permit method and the require method may be used at the same time.


def user_params
 params.require(:user).permit(:name, :email, :password)

The user object is specified, and the name, email, and password keys defined in the user object are specified.

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