Building a Ruby environment for classes on Mac


Preface (Introduction)

To take a class called multi-scale simulation special course, we will build an environment with macbook Air (2019) provided by the laboratory.

While I was writing, M1 Mac became a hot topic and Ruby was upgraded to 3.0.0, but unfortunately this article does not support them.


Install the mac package manager.

> /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Check if the installation was successful

> brew docotor
-> Your system is ready to brew.

Git & GitHub

First, install Git.

> brew install git

The version of Git is

> git --version
-> git version 2.29.2


The default shell is zsh, but I would like to use fish instead.

> brew install fish

The version of fish is

> fish -v
->fish, version 3.1.2


There is Fisher as a plugin management tool for fish. There is also oh-my-fish, but I chose Fisher because of its ease of management (settings can be changed with GUI).

> curl --create-dirs -sLo ~/.config/fish/functions/

Fisher version

> fisher -v
-> fisher, version 4.1.0

from zsh to fish

Change the default shell to fish.

> sudo nano /etc/shells

Changed as follows

# List of acceptable shells for chpass(1).
# Ftpd will not allow users to connect who are not using
# one of these shells.

#Add PATH as below

Also with a command

> chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish

Install plugin with Fisher

Insert a plugin that allows you to easily display and search command input with C-r.

First, install fzf completion

> brew install fzf

After that, insert the plugin with Fisher.

> fisher add jethrokuan/fzf

That's it.


Mac already has Ruby.

> which ruby
-> /usr/bin/ruby

However, I want to use the latest version (v2.7.2 at the time of writing) using the version control tool rbenv of Ruby, so I put rbenv.

> brew install rbenv

The version of rbenv is

> rbenv -v
-> rbenv 1.1.2

However, the environment variables have not changed because they have not been set.

> echo $PATH
-> /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin

So, create a fish config file and

> cd ~/.config/fish
> nano

Add the following.

set -x PATH $HOME/.rbenv/shims $PATH

Then reboot and check if the path passed

> which ruby
-> /Users/[User name]/.rbenv/shims/ruby

> which gem
-> /Users/[User name]/.rbenv/shims/gem
> echo $PATH
-> /Users/hisanagaken/.rbenv/shims /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin

Install the specified version of Ruby

Check the current version of Ruby

> rbenv version
-> * system (set by /User/[User name]/.rbenv/version)

Enter the version of Ruby you want to include.

> rbenv install 2.7.2

For the time being, this is the end.

Reference material

IOS app engineer's mac environment construction memo

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