[JAVA] Break through the Japanese table with MyBatis

The system that is all consolidated by Microsoft has a high probability of Japanese tables and columns.

Japanese table columns do not ride on ORM. (´; ω; `) For PHP and Python, the limit is that you can see it in SQL statements and Recordset level libraries.

Java is the most reliable way to get data from Database. I hate writing in old-fashioned JDBC and RecordSet. You can have an SQL document. I want to classify Table.

I wonder if it can be done around MyBatis or Doma ...

MyBatis may be able to do it

I found SQL mapping by MyBatis. A Japanese name table is linked to the Customer class and Name fields in the Japanese column. You might be able to do something with this Mapper XML file.

Tried to make it

it is complete! !! \ (^ _ ^) / I put the created Source on GitHub.


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