About rails kaminari pagination

@client.event async def on_message(message): "" "Recruiting members (.rect @ numbers)" "" if message.content.startswith(".rect"): mcount = int(message.content[6:len(message.content)]) text = "More {} people are being recruited \ n" revmsg = text.format(mcount) frelist = [] msg = await message.channel.send(revmsg)

    await msg.add_reaction("✅")
    await msg.add_reaction("⬅")
    await msg.add_reaction('✖')

    while len(frelist) < int(message.content[6:len(message.content)]):
        target_reaction = await client.wait_for(message=msg)
        if target_reaction.user != msg.author:
            if target_reaction.reaction.emoji == "✅":
                if target_reaction.user.name in frelist:
                    mcount += 1
                    await client.edit_message(msg, text.format(mcount) +

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