Rails Logger Basics

Implementation method

How to output

##How to output
Logger.new("Output destination", 'Output contents')

ex) Logger.new('/log/development', "Output contents")

##There seems to be such a way of writing

logger = Logger.new('/log/development')
logger.debug 'What you want to output'

When it is logged by the method to output, label? Is different.

By changing this label, I feel like changing the settings of the detection tool (I'm not sure about the infrastructure environment).

## logger.debug 'What you want to output'in the case of

D, [2020-10-04T08:41:46.184230 #6] DEBUG -- :Will it be output?

##logger.info 'What you want to output'

I, [2020-10-04T08:43:51.453817 #6]  INFO -- :Will it be output?

Output destination

Under log directory

If the location of the first argument of Logger does not exist, it will be newly created.

Logger.new('/log/hello.log', "hello")

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