[JAVA] [Folio LSP] Technical skills required for the project

Human resources needed for the project

Click here for specific roles and how many hours of operation are required Confluence recruitment page "Technical Skills in Demand" )Please confirm.

Backend developer

--Java 8 and object-oriented design and programming --Implementation of RESTful interfaces in microservices model (RAML, JSON, XML) --Database (both SQL and NoSQL) Especially PostgreSQL --Virtualization-Docker, Vagrant

Front-end developer

--Test tools / frameworks related to client-side Javascript (React)

Common to front-end developers and back-end developers

--Test tool / framework

DevOps engineer

--Software Configuration Management (SCM) --Git / GitHub

System Administrator

--Linux-based system management --Application management for Slack / Github / Confluence / JIRA (users, groups, application settings, licensing, etc.)



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