[java] Summary of how to handle char

When doing competitive programming in java, I felt that the handling of char type was complicated, so I decided to summarize it.

char type can be cast to int type

The char type stores Unicode characters in hexadecimal. At this time, the char type has a numerical value when the Unicode character is converted into a decimal number. For example, if you assign a char type '1' to an int type variable, you can treat it as a numerical value of 49.

int c = 'a';
//49 is output

Convert from corresponding number to char

(char) (numerical value) becomes the char corresponding to the numerical value.

char c = (char)97;
//'a'Is output

Convert char type numbers to int type

There are times when you want to convert a char type number to an int type, such as when you get a number as a char type with String.charAt (index) from a character string that lists the numbers. As mentioned above, if you try to use the char type as an int type as it is, it will be a different number. In this case, Character.getNumericValue (char c) is used.

char c = '1';
int value = Character.getNumericValue(c);
//value == 1

Conversely, if you want to convert an int type number to a char type, add it to '0'.

int a = 1;
char c = (char)('0'+a);
//c == '1'

Handles char type alphabet

The numbers of the char type alphabet are continuous, such as 97 for char type'a'and 98 for'b'. Therefore, each alphabet can be handled by the for statement as follows.

char c = 'a';
for(int i = 0; i < 26; i++){
//abc...Is output

Consider storing in an array how many of each alphabet is contained in a string.

String S = "abbcccdefg";
int[] a = new int[26];
for(int i = 0; i < S.length(); i++)

Even if you don't remember the number of'a', there is no problem because'a' can be treated as a number.

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