[RUBY] About Active Storage


As a memo, it is difficult to establish knowledge about ActiveStorage. .. It would be helpful if you could point out any mistakes.

About Active Storage

ActiveStorage is a gem that comes standard with Ruby on Rails, and by using it, you can use methods that make it easy to upload image files, etc., and you can easily create a table to save images. There is.

To use Active Storage

To use ActiveStorage, you need to install the following. -ImageMagick (command line image conversion tool) -> Install from Homebrew because it's software, not Gem ・ Mini magick (Gem for using ImageMagick's function on Rails) ・ Image processing (Gem for adjusting image size that cannot be done with mini magic k) -> For the above two, execute bundle install after describing in GemFile

Don't forget to do it

ActiveStorage related migration is created by executing the following in the application directory you want to execute

% rails active_storage:install
% rails db:migrate


I think that ActiveStorage is very convenient and there are many opportunities to use it when it becomes available, so I would like to use it a lot so that I can learn it!

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