[JAVA] Points I stumbled upon when creating an Android application [Updated from time to time]


Hello, this is Heino.

Since I am developing an Android application for the first time, I will post the stumbling point as a memorandum. In this post, I will list the stumbling points in an updated format from time to time. The solution also wants to be posted in a separate article if found.

I expect that there are many points that beginners of Android application development will stumble upon, so If I can share my stumbling block with those who are also developing Android apps for the first time I think. Also, if you can comment, "There is a solution when you stumble here." I am very grateful. Then, I will enumerate the stumbling points below.

Stumble point * Updated from time to time

  1. When creating layout with xml, it is not possible to support screen size by relying on GUI settings
  2. Oauth communication
  3. Twitter API communication method
  4. JSON parsing method
  5. Listener
  6. Fragment
  7. DialogFragment
  8. Layout
  9. Automatic font resizing of textview
  10. Dynamic layout according to screen size
  11. Animation
  12. Continuous execution
  13. Concurrent execution
  14. Curve representation
  15. PathAnimation

Solution * Updated from time to time

  1. About Layout The following site is very easy to understand and I referred to it. https://qiita.com/mii-chang/items/ee965c1e8826d4e59414

7.1. About automatic font resizing of textview The following site was described in an easy-to-understand manner, so I referred to it. https://blog.k3n.link/entry/auto-sizing-text-view

Especially regarding the difference between [singleLine = "true"] and [maxLines = "1"].

Development environment

Android Studio 3.4.1

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