[JAVA] About selection of OpenJDK

Oracle JDK issue no longer available for commercial use

Even with Java 8, the license has already been changed and it has become NG except for development.

The following are proposed as alternatives. From Java is Still Free 2.0.3

Free Binary Distributions Free Builds for Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. [OpenJDK, no commercial support]:

AdoptOpenJDK (commercial support also available by IBM and jClarity) Amazon Corretto Azul Zulu (commercial support also available) BellSoft Liberica JDK (commercial support also available) Linux Distros Oracle OpenJDK build SapMachine

Since the January 2019 release of AdoptOpenJDK, msi has been prepared for the Windows version, and it can be easily installed on Windows.

AdoptOpenJDK is generally supported as the first candidate, and Ecripse seems to have adopted this, so I got on the trend. Verification is necessary because the implementation is not always the same anyway.

SikuliX AdoptOpenJDK with Hotspot 8 Since it is working without any problems in a hurry, leave it as it is. I will write an article when something comes out.

How to install AdoptOpenJDK

1. Uninstall the Oracle JDK.

2. Download the installer from the official.

Official site https://adoptopenjdk.net/index.html

8 has the longest support period at the moment https://adoptopenjdk.net/support.html

At Least Sep 2023

This time I will put 8 in.

Hurry up and press the Latest release button while it is displayed. image.png

2.Choose a JVM is basically the same as the previous Oracle JDK because it is HotSpot.

3. Installation

OpenJDK8U-jdk_x64_windows_hotspot_8u212b03.msi There is a file like this, so double-click it to install SikuliX and Pentaho worked without any problem with YES man with the basic default.

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