[RUBY] Is there a numeric version of include?

This is the output of the memo.

This time, I envisioned a program to calculate common shopping points. Code below


n = gets.to_i

d_1,p_1 = Array.new(n){gets.chomp.split(' ').map{|i| i.to_i}}.transpose
p = 0
c = 0

while n > 0 do
  if d_1[c].to_s.include?("3")
    p += (p_1[c] * 0.03).floor
  elsif d_1[c].to_s.include?("5")
    p += (p_1[c] * 0.05).floor
    p += (p_1[c] * 0.01).floor
  c = c + 1
  n = n - 1


puts p

The problem is how to use one point, include ?. As a result, I returned it to a string with to_s and referred to it. Is there a method that directly refers to numbers? When thought.

I couldn't find it as far as I searched, but is there something? .. ..

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