[RAILS] Use ransack Search function implementation


It is a gem for implementing the search function for rails. Get data linked based on search keywords On the contrary, if there is no keyword, all are acquired.


Write ransack in Gemfile and bundle install


gem 'ransack'


bundle install

next Write the process to use the function of ransack in the controller.


class UsersController < ApplicationController
  def index
    @q = User.ransack(params[:q])
    @users = @q.result
    #Returns the result with the result method

next Write a search form in the view file. Search forms using ransack use a helper method called search_form_for.


<%= search_form_for @q do |f| %>
      <div class="d-flex">
        <div class="form-group flex-grow-1">
         #search window
          <%= f.search_field :name_cont, placeholder: "Find 〇〇", class: "form-control" %>
        <%= f.submit "Search", class: "btn btn-primary ml-1" %>
    <% end %>

This time, the purpose is "partial match search", so it is set to column name_cont. For "match search", use column name_eq.

Search function completed

The search function is ready! ezgif-3-d2096169635d.gif

At the end

It's a rough content, but Conclusion Thanks to the engineers who made the groundbreaking gem! : joy:

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