About the description of Docker-compose.yml

version Define the version used by docker-compose

How to write docker-compose.yml changes depending on the version

service Each element that runs the application The web and db are defined as one element that runs an application

depends_on Determine container creation order and dependencies

tty: true Keep launching the docker-compose up container.

environment Add environment variables

volumes Specify the path of the configuration file to mount [An attempt to explain the meaning of "passing through the PATH" as clearly as possible](https://qiita.com/sta/items/63e1048025d1830d12fd #)


[I explained how to write docker-compose.yml](https://qiita.com/yuta-ushijima/items/d3d98177e1b28f736f04#version%E3%81%A3%E3%81%A6 #)

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