[RUBY] I made an app for myself! (Reading management app)

I would like to explain the app that I personally created and published. I hope you can actually use it.

↓ Please access from here https://www.booknotes73.com/


It is an application that manages the books you read.

Development history

I started reading for about two years, but I forget the contents of the book quite quickly.

At first, I recorded the contents with the mind map application (iThoughts). However, from a smartphone, it was troublesome to enter characters and it was difficult to manage the data. So ** Wouldn't it be nice if it could be easily managed on a PC? So I decided to make a web application. ** **

The existing service, Booklog, is doing something similar, and I wanted to differentiate it even a little, so I've devised the following points.

Operation explanation

User registration / login

Clicking New Registration at the top right of the page will take you to the registration screen, so you can use all the functions by registering your nickname, email address, and password. top2.png

Even if you are not logged in, you can see notes and user details pages written by others.

If you don't want to register but want to try it out, please use ** Guest Login **. You can log in with your guest account by clicking Login as guest on the login page. ログイン.png

Book registration

Click the Register Book button on the top page to jump to the registration page. Since there is a search box, enter the keyword you want to search for and click the search mark to display up to 10 data items. 87c28087d8e03325f2fc516482c371e8.gif

Click the Register button in the column of the book you want to register from the list of search results to display the registration screen. Select the current state (read from now on, finished reading, etc.) from the selection box and click the Register button to complete the registration. After completion, the book will be added to My Page. a4da35d08596c6c02200fe89c78c135f.gif

Make notes

Click the image of the book to go to the details page. Clicking Create Note will take you to the note creation page, where you can enter the contents. 19e2c4c35e1dba8f495d669bfacb8668.gif

In the notebook

You can enter up to 5 ** book points ** and ** action plans **. The input form can be added by clicking the Add button. If you want to delete the form, click the Delete button or the × button.

Edit / delete notes

You can move to the edit screen by clicking the edit icon from the note details page. You can also delete it by clicking the delete icon on the note details page.

Edit Delete

My page

Click My Page at the top right of the screen to jump to My Page. On my page

action plan

You can manage the progress of the action plan. You can change the level in the range of 0 to 5 by clicking Change Level. A completion mark is added when the maximum 5 levels are reached. e4180f0f5eaa2e8f06cc936a012f1289.gif

Likes / Comments

You can like and comment on the notes.

How nice comment

Language / framework, etc.


Complaints such as difficulty in use are welcome, so please comment. We are waiting for any features you would like us to add!

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