About Java variable declaration statements

Java variable declaration

I started learning Java from today, so I hope it will be helpful for those who read the output.

First of all, what are variables and variable declaration statements?

Variables are like boxes that you prepare inside your computer to store data. In other words, a variable declaration is a statement that tells the computer to "prepare a new variable."

Variable declaration statement

Type variable name;

A type is the type of data that can be stored in a variable.

Commonly used mold types (there are others)

Classification Model name Data to store
integer int 普通のinteger
a few double Ordinary decimal
Boolean value boolean true or false
letter char 1つのletter
String String Character sequence

Example of use

This time, I would like to introduce my car as an example. twitter

Classification Model name Data to store If you compare it with your car (look)
integer int 普通のinteger amount:Amount of money
a few double 普通のa few weight:weight
Boolean value boolean true or false sell:Sell or not sell
letter char 1つのletter value:Treasure
String String Character sequence comment:I love you

I actually wrote it. The boolean value will be learned from now on, so it is omitted.


public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    int amount = 700000; //Substitute a value in the amount box
    System.out.println(amount); //Description to call
    double weight = 7.9; //Substitute the value in the weight box
    System.out.println(weight); //Description to call
    char value = 'Treasure'; //Substitute a value in the value box
    System.out.println(value); //Description to call
    String comment = "I love you"; //Assign a value to the comment box
    System.out.println(comment); //Description to call

Execution result

I love you


Actually, it was my first time to post an article. It takes 2 hours to create an article. (It took a lot) As a goal, I will post articles once a week. Thank you to everyone who read to the end!

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