I can't input Japanese with VS code (Visual Studio Code) of Ubuntu 18.04.5! ?? If you want to download VS Code to Ubuntu, go to the official website! !!


As the title suggests, this article is for those who cannot input Japanese with the VS code of Ubuntu. You can solve it immediately.

Procedure / Table of Contents

  1. [Why can't I input Japanese](# 1 Why can't I input Japanese)
  2. [How to enable Japanese input](# 2 How to enable Japanese input)


1. 1. Why can't I input Japanese

The cause seems to be snap. The version is different, but please refer to the following for details. https://teratail.com/questions/121986

If you downloaded from the official website below, you can enter in Japan without any problems. https://code.visualstudio.com/download When I download VS Code from Ubuntu software, I can't input Japanese. .. image.png

It's also LTS. ..

2. 2. How to enable Japanese input

Then, it is a method to enable Japanese input. As mentioned above, you can do it by downloading and re-downloading from the official website. https://code.visualstudio.com/download

The package installation did not require re-downloading as the previous download content was carried over. Was good. ..

No, that's it "If you want to download VS Code to Ubuntu, go to the official website !!" is.

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I can't input Japanese with VS code (Visual Studio Code) of Ubuntu 18.04.5! ?? If you want to download VS Code to Ubuntu, go to the official website! !!
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