[JAVA] Failed to launch checking at Kotlin Koans in IntelliJ IDEA

Good evening everyone! This is Hiro from a certain Ministry of A. It's getting colder, is not it? This time, I was addicted to doing Kotlin Koans with IntelliJ IDEA for about an hour, so I will write about that.

I was addicted to it roughly like this It was interesting to try Koans on Kotlin's official page, so I have never used it before. I decided to download IntelliJ IDEA and take a closer look at Koans. For future programming with Kotlin, I decided to put the Kotlin plug-in in the familiar eclipse, so Intellij IDEA chose Educational Edition. Here For example, if you press the "Check" button, "Correct" etc. should be displayed, but from the very first chapter, "Failed to launch checking" is displayed. "... Huh, what do you mean before you start fighting (studying a computer) ... Kotlin !!"

Why Kotlin in the first place By the way, there are three main reasons why I started Kotlin. 1. 1. Java paid 2. Google adopts formal Android development 3. 3. At first glance, it's cooler than Java and doesn't make Python feel bad Regarding reasons 1 and 2, what technology can you get a job in the future? What language is likely to be popular? When I think about it, is it really big? I think. Actually, the reason of 3 is the biggest. I read the article that Kotlin is good, and I didn't understand it, but I felt it when I looked at the code for the time being, or digged a little and read the reference.

Solving is super easy Now, about how to get out of Failed to launch checking, it is pass the path to the JDK in the settings in IntelliJ IDEA! ···eh! ?? That's it! ?? It feels like (laughs) Through the path, I restarted the application and it was working properly. (Lol) When I googled with the keyword "Failed to launch checking Kotlin Koans", this > And I can find this , but it seems that the number of cases is not so large. (It means that there are almost no boobs that forget to pass through ...) However, when I look at JetBrains IDE support page , there are reasons other than forgetting to pass the path. However, it seems that some people are experiencing the same phenomenon, so it seems that the environment must be investigated carefully to identify the cause.

Summary When preparing a new development environment, you don't know where to stumble (bitter smile) By the way, when it comes to studying Kotlin, it's easier to finish Koans quickly on the browser.  

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