[JAVA] How to check the latest version of io.spring.platform to describe in pom.xml of Spring (STS)

How to find out the version of the dependent library used when building the Spring environment

When building Spring environment, it is necessary to specify the dependent library in pom.xml. This is a way to find out what the latest version of io.spring.platform to use at that time. The result of the investigation is in pom.xml shown below. <version>???</version> Describe in the place.


  1. Go to the mvnrepository.com site. https://mvnrepository.com/

  2. Enter "io.spring.platform" in the search text box and press the Search button.


  1. The search results are displayed. Click "Spring IO Platform Bill of Materials".


  1. Detailed information is displayed.


  1. Find the latest version of 2.x.x.RELEASE. In this example, we can see that 2.0.8.RELEASE is the latest.


that's all


nothing special

Written by Collab KM

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