Links that I referred to before running Elasticsearch 7.7 on Java 11

Operation check environment

Reference URL

** Environment construction related **

Register the repository with yum so that the version can be unified for each environment (in CentOS8, use dnf)

Version Elasticsearch 7.7 (current) * As of May 15, 2020


--Insert Kuromoji, ICU for Japanese support

The version of the plug-in must match the version of the ES itself. (For example, if ES is 7.5.2, kuromoji also needs v7.5.2) Plugins are installed using elasticsearch-plugin after es installation.

$ cd /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/

Plugin installation

$ ./elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu
-> Installing analysis-icu
-> Downloading analysis-icu from elastic
[=================================================] 100%  
-> Installed analysis-icu
$ ./elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-kuromoji

Check installed plugins

$ ./elasticsearch-plugin list
Transport Client is 7.from x to deprecated, 8.Because it is deleted by xUse RestHighLevelClient
Transport Client

Deprecated in 7.0.0.
The TransportClient is deprecated in favour of the Java High Level REST ClientandwillberemovedinElasticsearch8.0.Themigrationguide describes all the steps needed to migrate.

Mapping type is 7.x to deprecated, 8.Removed from x
Alternative method

Indexing by document type
Creating a custom type field

** Installation on CentOS **

** About Elasticsearch (details are organized) **

** Index registration/Data registration **

** Alias ​​setting **


--Char filter ・ ・ ・ Preprocessing (option) --Tokenizer ・ ・ ・ Word division --Token filter ・ ・ ・ Post-processing (option)

→ It is necessary to make these three selections

** Mapping (schema definition) **

** Search **

#Check all registered data POST /uedb-elasticsearch_ja_20204428214440/_search?pretty { "query": { "match_all": {} } } Tips

** Check version etc. **

curl localhost:9200/_nodes/plugins?pretty


Plugin needs to be removed and reinstalled separately


elasticsearch-plugin remove analysis-icu


elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu

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