Let's use Twilio in Java! (Introduction)

From now on, I'll write an article about using Twilio in several parts. There seems to be an article in Ruby and PHP, but I didn't have much Java, so I decided to write it.

About Twilio

Simply put, it is a cloud service with functions such as voice call, SMS, and fax. You can send SMS and make phone calls from your application. In Japan, KDDI Web Communications seems to be the agency.

https://www.twilio.com/ja/ https://cloudapi.kddi-web.com/availability/

Twilio registration

You'll need to register for a Twilio account and purchase a phone number. Registration is also written in other articles, so I will omit it.

In addition, it seems that trial registration is also possible. It seems that there are restrictions such as only one free phone number, but you should probably be able to do it this time.


I've been addicted to using Twilio, so I hope it helps people who are in trouble in similar areas.

I'm planning

It is three of.

By the way, SMS is cholo. Voice calls and faxes can be a bit annoying.

Environment and other assumptions

This article assumes the following:

If you want to use different libraries individually, write them each time. (There should be no problem even if the version is different)

Let's create a development environment

It is a premise that maven has a template of Spring Boot.

pom.xml Add the Twilio SDK to pom.xml.


<!-- Twilio SDK -->

Next time preview

I will try to implement the best SMS transmission.

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