Create your own shortcuts in Xcode to eliminate the hassle of pod install


I sometimes see multiple projects at the same time in my work, and on average I open the terminal about once a day and hit the pod-install command. This article is a tip that makes it easier for iOS app developers to work with the CocoaPods command pod-install. Xcode has a function called Behaviors, which allows you to set and add various actions and events. Using that function, create a shortcut key that automatically opens the terminal, moves to the specified directory, and hits the pod-install command.

Development environment

Xcode12 (I think it works with Xcode11, but it has not been verified) Cocoapods


1. Prepare Script

Download Script

osascript <<END
tell application "Terminal"
if not (exists window 1) then reopen
do script "cd `pwd`; pod install" in window 1
end tell

2. Grant execution authority

Confirmation of authority

$ ls -l 
-rw-rw-r--@ 1 yasuradodo  staff  158 Sep 19 19:40

If you do not have execute permission, grant execute permission x

$ chmod u+x  

Check permissions again

$ ls -l 
-rwxrw-r--@ 1 yasuradodo  staff  158 Sep 19 19:40

3. Create Custom command in Behaviors of Xcode


Register your favorite key for the shortcut. I chose shift + command + p. Now, you can automatically execute pod-install at any time with the shortcut registered on Xcode. At the end, this time it was only pod-install, but it can support various things such as Carthage, SourceTree, SwiftLint, etc. and improve work efficiency. If you have any other useful ways to use Behaviors, please let me know: pray: References

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Create your own shortcuts in Xcode to eliminate the hassle of pod install
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