[JAVA] I want to morphologically analyze the log in the DB and put it in the DB to classify messages 1

JavaPG I made a PG that GROPUP the log message stored in db and further morphologically analyze it with Mecab and normalize it.


import java.io.File;
import java.io.FileInputStream;
import java.sql.PreparedStatement;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.util.Properties;

import oracle.jdbc.*;
import net.moraleboost.mecab.Lattice; 
import net.moraleboost.mecab.impl.StandardTagger; 
import net.moraleboost.mecab.Node;
class Tiggercmd {
	static String[] hinsis = {
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { //Build Tagger.
		if (args.length<1) {
					"USAGE:Tiggercmd readwrite-propfileName(non extents)"
		StandardTagger tagger = new StandardTagger("");
		//Get version string
		System.err.println("MeCab version " + tagger.version());
		//Build Lattice (an object that stores runtime information required for morphological analysis)
		Lattice lattice = tagger.createLattice();
		//Open INFO property
		Properties Tiggercmd_props = new Properties();
		Tiggercmd_props.load(new FileInputStream(new File(args[0])));
		OracleConnection con1 = null;
		OracleConnection con2 = null;
		PreparedStatement in_sql_prepare = null;
		ResultSet in_rls = null;
		OraclePreparedStatement con2prpares = null;
		int msgid = 0;
		int seq =0;
		String features[] = null;
		try {
			//Connect to IN DB
			con1 = connect(Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("conids1.user"), Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("conids1.password"),Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("conids1.TNSPINGString"));
			//Connect to WRITE DB
			con2 = connect(Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("conids2.user"), Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("conids2.password"),Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("conids2.TNSPINGString"));		
			//Execute readQuery
			in_sql_prepare = con1.prepareStatement(Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("in.sqls"));
			in_rls = in_sql_prepare.executeQuery();
			while (in_rls.next() ){
				//Set the analysis target character string
				String in_surface = in_rls.getString(Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("in.surface_colname"));//String text = "Its a sunny day.";
				//Output morphological analysis results
				//Output surface shape and features while tracing morphemes one by one
				Node node = lattice.bosNode();
				while (node != null) {
					String addssql = Tiggercmd_props.getProperty("wr.sqls");
					//Set to parse variables with OraclePreparedStatement
					con2prpares = (OraclePreparedStatement)con2.prepareStatement(addssql);
					features = node.feature().split(",");
					for (int i=0;i<hinsis.length;i++){
					//Update and update count output
					node = node.next();
				seq = 0;
				msgid ++;
		}catch (Exception oe){
		}finally {
			try {
				if (in_rls!=null) in_rls.close();
				if (in_sql_prepare!=null) in_sql_prepare.close();
				if (con1 != null) con1.close();
				if (con2prpares!=null) con2prpares.close();
				if (con2 != null) con2.close();
			}catch (Exception fe){}
		// lattice,Destroy tagger
	 * Utility method: creates a new JDBC connection to the database.
	static OracleConnection connect(String user,String password,String tnspingString) throws Exception {
		OracleConnection conn = null;
		OracleDriver dr = new OracleDriver();
		Properties prop = new Properties();
		conn = (OracleConnection)dr.connect("jdbc:oracle:thin:@"+tnspingString,prop);
		return conn;



#Query target connection information
#↑ The full connection information output with the tnspings connection name is described.

#INSERT target connection information
conids2.TNSPINGString=(DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = 192.168.0.***)(PORT = 1521))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = servicenamea)))
#↑ The full connection information output with the tnspings connection name is described.

in.sqls= \
select a.MESSAGETEXT,count(a.TIMEPARTS) from domainlog a \
where 1=1 \
group by a.MESSAGETEXT \
order by a.MESSAGETEXT 

#↑ SQL to get the list of messages you want to analyze
#↑ Column name assigned to the message in that SQL

wr.sqls= \
insert into domainlog_rexs (msgid,MESSAGETEXT,seq,surface,manals \
,type0,type1,type2,type3,style0,style1,calls0,calls1,calls2 ) \
values(:msgid,:msg,:seq,:surface,:feature, \
:type0,:type1,:type2,:type3,:style0,:style1,:calls0,:calls1,:calls2 \

#↑ If the following morphological analysis data variables are described in VALUES according to the column, the following variables will be set there.
#:msgid parse message serial number
#:msg Analysis message string
#:seq Analysis morpheme serial number
#:surface Analysis morpheme surface string
#:feature Feature (part of speech?) System analysis result character string
#:type0         IPA Type1
#:type1         IPA Type2
#:type2         IPA Type3
#:type3         IPA Type4
#:style0 type 1
#:style1 type 2
#:calls0 reading 1
#:calls1 reading 2
#:calls2 reading 3
#Reference link https://qiita.com/priancho/items/f633a9e99616b3fe451f

Then, for normalization, use reading 1 to display the same phrase in a list and display nouns as parts.

Use LISTAGG (character SUM catalog function) for character summary


--MSGID,List the combined CALLS1 in the analysis results for each MSGTEXT
,listagg(a.CALLS1,';') within group (order by a.MSGID,a.SEQ)  as concatHINSIWORD
from domainlog_rexs  a
,(select a.MSGID,listagg(a.SURFACE,';') within group (order by a.SEQ) as items 
from domainlog_rexs a 
 where 1=1
 and a.SURFACE is not null
 and a.TYPE0='noun'	
 and a.TYPE1 in (
,'Change connection'
 group by a.MSGID) b
where 1=1
and ( a.CALLS0 <> '*' and a.TYPE0 is not null)
) a
order by a.MSGID

Display result example


Results of normalization and concerns about Japanese software engineers

result: The 10,000-stroke log message has been reduced to thousands by grouping simple messages. Furthermore, the grouping of the morphological analysis results in terms of wording reduced the number to less than 100 putters. As a result, what is the number of subjects that people pay attention to?

Concern: Useful wisdom created by these researchers (in this example, the morphological analysis engine Mecab) Take in and make it practical without being swept away by fashion Are there Japanese vendors or famous software / hardware development / manufacturing / sales companies? Is it because changing the existing interest structure is the most dangerous behavior for us? What will happen by the Tokyo Olympics if this cannot be broken? I am worried as a Japanese engineer.

that's all

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