The play of instantiating java.lang.Void


This article creates an object of java.lang.Void, This is an article that tried to call the method of the object.

However, creating an object of java.lang.Void probably has no merit, so it's just a play.


I also wrote a commentary in the comments.

import java.lang.reflect.Constructor;

public class CreateVoid {
    public static void main(String... args) throws Exception {
        //How to get Class by specifying the class name as a character string
        Class<Void> voidClazz1 = (Class<Void>)Class.forName("java.lang.Void");
        Void o1 = getVoid(voidClazz1);

        //How to get the Class from the actual method
        Class<Void> voidClazz2 = (Class<Void>)CreateVoid.class.getMethod("voidMethod", new Class[]{}).getReturnType();
        Void o2 = getVoid(voidClazz2);

        System.out.println(o1);//[email protected]
        //Since the equals method is not overridden, it will always be false if it is another instance.
        System.out.println(o1.toString());//[email protected]
        System.out.println(o1.getClass());//class java.lang.Void

    //If it is void, it will be a primitive type, so Void(=java.lang.Void)is.
    public Void voidMethod(){return null;};

    //Class<Void>Create a Void object from
    private static Void getVoid(Class<Void> voidClazz) throws Exception {
        //Looking into the JDK source`private Void() {}`And the constructor is private so you need to do the following
        //1.Write getDeclaredConstructor instead of getConstructor
        //2.Set the accessible flag to true
        Constructor<?> declaredConstructor = voidClazz.getDeclaredConstructor(new Class[]{});
        return (Void)declaredConstructor.newInstance(new Object[]{});

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