[Java] Get data from DB using singleton service in Spring (Boot)

Get data from DB using singleton service in Spring (Boot)

・ DI for enum ・ Memory saving ・ Supports high load with cache function ・ Read only ・ I use it for ranking etc. ・ Supports both Spring Framework and Spring Boot ・ For mappers, please read and set as appropriate. -Initialize when updating context


・ Spring Framework 4.2.9 ・ Spring Boot 2.2.1 · Java 1.8 ・ Windows 10 64bit

SampleRankingSingletonService · Singleton service (enum) that retrieves and retains data -I want to DI mapper with @Autowired, but I can't, so create a separate initialization service. -I think it would be better to add a program to process the data. (Issuing SQL is a heavy load)

public enum SampleRankingSingletonService {


	//Read timeout value adjustment
	public static final int TIMEOUT_SEC = 1800;

	private static final Object lock = new Object();

	private LocalDateTime queryDate;

	//Latest ranking
	private List<Sample> latestRanking = new CopyOnWriteArrayList<>();

	private SampleMapper sampleMapper;

	private SampleRankingSingletonService () {

	public static SampleRankingSingletonService getInstance() {
		return INSTANCE;

	private boolean isTimeout() {
		LocalDateTime execDate = LocalDateTime.now();
		if (queryDate == null) { return true; }

		LocalDateTime expireDate = queryDate.plusSeconds(TIMEOUT_SEC);
		if (expireDate.isBefore(execDate)) {
			return true;
		return false;

	public synchronized void reload() {
		queryDate = LocalDateTime.now();
		latestRanking = sampleMapper.selectLatestRanking(); // <-Ranking acquisition SQL issuance

	//Call before performing data processing
	public void initQuery() {
		synchronized(lock) {
			if (isTimeout() || latestRanking.size() <= 0) {

	public Integer countLatestRanking() {
		return latestRanking.size();

SampleRankingSingletonInitializerService ・ Automatically generated by DI

public class SampleRankingSingletonInitializerService {

	private SampleMapper sampleMapper;

	//Set the DI mapper in the singleton service when generating the bean
	public void init() {

	//Execute the first query when updating the context(Spring Boot gives an error when running with PostConstruct)       
	public void onContextRefreshedEvent(ContextRefreshedEvent evt) {

	public SampleMapper getSampleMapper() {
		return sampleMapper;

	public void setSampleMapper(SampleMapper sampleMapper) {
		this.sampleMapper = sampleMapper;

XML file for DI

    <bean id="sample.sampleRankingSingletonInitializerService" class="org.sample.SampleRankingSingletonInitializerService">
        <property name="sampleMapper" ref="sample.SampleMapper" />

It is OK if you set a breakpoint, stop properly after starting the server, and get the data. Thank you for your hard work!

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