Build Java environment and output hello world [Beginner]

I will leave little by little what I learned after joining the company with no java experience. The output is important, isn't it? Since it was made by a super beginner, there are a lot of glossary. I would appreciate it if you could point out any strange points.

1. 1. JDK installation

You can download it from here. Since there are many articles that describe download procedures and operation checks, I will omit them here.

What is the JDK?

Java Development Kit, an abbreviation for Java Development Kit. It's a development kit that includes all the things you need to create and run Java.

2. Eclipse installation

You can download it from here. I will omit the procedure here as well.

What is eclipse?

An integrated development environment for efficient development, also known as an IDE. It's like a workspace where you actually write code here.

3. 3. Let's put out hello world anyway

Now that you can use Java, let's write it anyway.

Open eclipse and there is a file in the upper left, so create a new project from there. Click file-> new-> Java Project, decide on a name, and finish with finish. This time, let's call it the helloworld project.


Place the cursor on src, right-click and select new-> class to create a HelloWord class. Let's write the code here. (Because it is a class, please capitalize the first letter and use Hello Word. The image is a mistake.) image.png

Write the code to output to the console.

package helloworld;

public class HelloWorld {
	public static void main(String args[]){

Run with run image.png

I was able to output safely.

I have omitted the environment construction, but I will post a reference site.

Next, let's add gradle and spring Next => Add spring boot and gradle to eclipse

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