[RAILS] Update Ruby in Unicorn environment

I updated ruby from 2.3 to 2.5 in a Rails application using Unicorn and capistrano, so I tried to summarize the procedure.

1. Update rbenv

Install the version of ruby you want to update, and specify the target version with global

$ rbenv install  2.5.8
$ rbenv global 2.5.8

If the version you want to update does not come out with rbenv install --list, Since rbenv install cannot be done, you should be able to install it by updating rbenv by following the steps below.

$ cd ~/.rbenv/plugins/ruby-build
$ git pull

2. Do bundler install and bundle install

Install bundler and other libraries in advance so that bundle install does not work at the time of deployment

# gemfile.Check lock and specify the same version of bundler
$ gem install bundler -v 1.17.3
$ bundle install

3. Deploy

Deploy as usual with capistrano However, at this time, it is necessary to restart to switch the version of ruby, I had to kill unicorn and restart it.

Be careful with types that have preload_app: true set

$ kill -QUIT `cat /path/to/unicorn.pid`
$ bundle exec unicorn_rails -E production -D

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